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2021-2022 Board of Directors

Pat Schaffner

President, Coop Operations Manager/CASA Liaison

Pat lived on the RV side for several years before becoming a MH owner with wife and business partner, Teresa. Pat volunteered to serve on the board because he brings private business ownership experience including mining, construction and building application and operations. Pat most recently served as VP on the HVC interim Board where he took on Co-op Operations Liaison role. "I've run a multi-million dollar family business with great success. I've served on boards and was President of my local Fire Department. I've applied that experience, work as a team and truly help the residents and improve Harbor Village."

Jim Watson

Vice President

Jim and wife Lisa purchased the MH in space #13 summer 2021  Jim's background includes a B.S. Degree in Business Administration (Marketing) and a Masters Degree in Public Administration (Government and Policy). His work history includes multiple odd jobs growing up such as working construction, warehouse positions and several years as a sales associate for Valley Foods (U.S. Foods). I was hired by the Las Vegas, Clark County Fire Department in 1995 and enjoyed a 25 year career there. "I believe I can bring a well rounded, common sense approach and perspective to the Harbor Village Cooperative Board of Directors." 

Martin Desmond

Martin lived on the RV side for a year before purchasing the mobile home where he has lived for the past nine years. Martin was instrumental in initiating and becoming our representative for the HV residents once the park was put up for sale. He served as the Coop's Interim Treasurer and is back in that role. Martin truly understands the finances and how Co-ops work as well as the pressures from CASA and lenders. " We are on a challenging and difficult journey that now allows us to control our future. The challenge is learning to work together in developing policies, procedures and financial controls to keep the park livable for all of us. There will be times when there are sharp differences among the residents. We need to work together in a polite and courteous manner as the Board of Directors makes difficult decisions for the greater good and survival of the park.


Blanca Smith

Secretary,  Resident Communication Liaison

Blanca has operated an Event Planning business and Staffing company in the Bay Area since 2010. She remotely manages 86 staff personnel. Blanca is also a Professional Interpreter for patients in the Lincoln County Samaritan Health System. She and Steve have lived in this beautiful community at Harbor Village since 2018. "I appreciate the opportunity to serve as your Resident Liason in helping build a strong sense of community and help develop and initiate creative solutions to better assist in and serve our Harbor Village Community."  

Member at Large

Janet Aungst

Janet visited Harbor Village for six years before making this community her home 2 1/2 years ago on the RV side.  She has vast experience of working in small to large, both public and private sectors.  She has 30+ years of computer experience working with varies programs.  She has 40 years of customer service experience in positions such as Administration, HR, Accounting, Purchasing, Payroll for 300 employees, and supervision.  "I can't wait to see what our future holds and am excited to be a intricate part of it. I believe my friendly attitude and willingness to assist where needed will help both the board and this wonderful community."


Robert Robertson

Member at Large

Board Bio TBA


Property Managers & Team

Member at Large

Interested in serving on the Board? Contact us at

Open Board Seat

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Cheryl Jones

Commonwealth Manager

Cheryl lives and has worked in the Harbor Village office for more than 7 years and knows the property well. She stepped in despite being on medical leave to keep the office open and work with the Board in the first days of ownership. The park could not have continued the daily operations without her dedication and love for HV. Cheryl's husband Mike not only assists neighbors but volunteers in maintaining park vehicles and infrastructure. 
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Heather Manzer

Commonwealth Office Assistant

Welcome Heather Manzer, Harbor Village Coop's newest Commonwealth staffer!

Raymond Key

Commonwealth Maintenance

Ray has lived and worked in Harbor Village Maintenance for 2 years. He helped transition the Coop from the previous park owner to a Resident Owned Community by not only keeping Maintenance going but assuming the housekeeping role which was vital during the pandemic. 
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