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 Frequently Asked Questions

 Frequently Asked Questions (& Happenings!)


What is a Resident Owned Community? A resident-owned community (ROC) is a community where the tenants have formed a not-for-profit corporation called a Cooperative. Each household is a member of the Cooperative and an equal owner of the land. As a group, the Cooperative owns the land and manages the community. The members continue to own their own homes individually. There are many benefits to living in a cooperative, including control of monthly lot rent, repairs and improvements, lifetime security against unfair eviction, and a strong sense of community. Everyone has a say in the way the park is run, and major decisions are made by democratic vote.

How do I join the Co-op and purchase in Harbor Village? New residents must meet certain requirements in order to live in Harbor Village. We are a 55+ Community which means the Co-op Member/primary resident must be 55+ years of age. The new resident's living in Harbor Village mobile home or RV must be their primary, full time residence. All new residents must join the HV Coop. A Co-op fee of $100 is fully refundable when resident moves out of the community. Prospective Co-op members must first contact the office and be approved before purchasing an RV or mobile home.

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Are pets allowed in Harbor Village? Yes! ! Habor Village is a pet-friendly community. Three pets are allowed per home. Restrictions are detailed in the Community Rules.

Who manages the community?Who manages the community? The community’s Board of Directors hires contractors to perform various maintenance. The Members elect a Board of Directors, which makes the day-to-day decisions. This way, decisions may be made efficiently and in the best interest of the group. Contractor’s work under the direction of the Board.


March 2024
3/1 Welcome Heather Manzer, HV's new Office Assistant!

February 2024
2/16 Recycling Guidelines: minimize penalties assessed by Thompson's Sanitary
- Thompson Sanitary's Recycling 101 flyer. View and download
Visit Thompson's webpage for Do's & Don'ts and more resources.
- Thompson's Garbage, Compostables & Recycle 101 flyer (MH bins). View and download
2/15 & 2/16 Columbia Engineering onsite assessing/measuring pending infrastructure project.

2/14 RV propane tank inspections.
2/4 New Committees sign up is posted at the office.


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